Charles Darwin University Scholarships 2023

Charles Darwin University Scholarships 2023


Charles Darwin University’s Commitment to Social Justice and Sustainability

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is a pioneering institution that embraces social justice, sustainability, creativity, and collective effort. It serves as a beacon of opportunity for individuals from all walks of life who seek to contribute to positive change, no matter the scale. At CDU, everyone is encouraged to follow their passion and make a meaningful difference, whether through big or small endeavors. In line with this vision, CDU offers a range of scholarships for the year 2023, providing invaluable financial support to students pursuing their academic aspirations.

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As you embark on your educational journey, it is essential to explore various scholarship opportunities. One of the most esteemed and fully funded scholarships available is the Fulbright Scholarship in the United States. This scholarship encompasses undergraduate, master’s, PhD, and training programs, granting recipients access to advanced studies and research opportunities in their chosen fields.

Scholarship Summary: Levels of Study and Institution

The Charles Darwin University Scholarships 2023 cater to students at different levels of study, including undergraduate, masters, PhD, and vocational training. These scholarships are offered exclusively by Charles Darwin University, providing recipients with a chance to pursue their education in Australia, a country known for its high-quality academic institutions. The deadline for application submission varies depending on the specific scholarship (for more information, click here).

Diverse Range of Courses Offered

One of the remarkable aspects of the Charles Darwin University Scholarships 2023 is the vast array of courses available to students. The scholarships cover any undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree offered at CDU. Whether your passion lies in accounting, business, community services and social work, creative arts and design, culinary arts, education, enabling courses, engineering, exercise and sport science, hair and beauty services, health, humanities, and social sciences, or humanitarian, emergency and disaster management, CDU has a program that aligns with your interests.

In-Depth Look at the Charles Darwin University Scholarships

The Charles Darwin University Scholarships 2023 encompasses various scholarships that provide different levels of financial assistance. Here are some notable scholarships offered by CDU:

Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships (VCIHAS):

This scholarship is applicable to undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees and covers either 50% or 25% of the tuition fee for the entire duration of the chosen program.

CDU Global Excellence Award:

This scholarship is available for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees, covering 50% of the tuition fee for the first year of study and 10% in subsequent years.

CDU Global Leader Award:

For undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees, this scholarship covers 25% of the tuition fee for the first year of study and 10% in subsequent years.

CDU Global Achiever Award:

Designed for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees, this scholarship provides coverage of 15% of the tuition fee for the first year of study.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Distinction Scholarship:

This scholarship is exclusively for Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications. It entails a one-time payment of $3,000, alleviating the financial burden of the first year’s tuition fee.

Higher Degree by Research Scholarships:

Fully funded scholarships are available for students pursuing higher degrees by research at CDU, providing comprehensive support throughout their research journey.

Northern Territory Scholarships:

These scholarships recognize students’ academic merit, leadership qualities, and community engagement. They are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students, amounting to $12,000 and contributing to the students’ tuition fees.

Opportunities Beyond CDU:

The Rhodes Scholarship In addition to the Charles Darwin University Scholarships, students are encouraged to consider the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. This fully funded scholarship not only covers all university and college fees but also provides a generous living stipend of £15,144 per annum. The Rhodes Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students seeking an exceptional academic experience.

Eligibility Criteria:

Who Can Apply for Charles Darwin University Scholarships?

To be eligible for the Charles Darwin University Scholarships, applicants must meet specific criteria, including:

Required Language:

English proficiency is necessary for successful scholarship applications.

Eligible Countries:

The scholarships are open to students from all countries worldwide.

Academic Excellence:

Applicants must demonstrate a proven record of academic excellence and high achievement in previous relevant studies and qualifications.

University Requirements:

Applicants must meet CDU’s academic and English entry requirements.

Offer of Admission:

Applicants must hold an offer of admission to a degree program at Charles Darwin University.

Non-Scholarship Holders:

Applicants should not already hold a scholarship from an Australian or foreign sponsoring agency.

Citizenship Status:

Applicants should not possess current Australian citizenship, Australian permanent residency, or New Zealand citizenship.

Conditions for Scholarship Awardees

Successful scholarship awardees are required to adhere to certain conditions to maintain their scholarships. These conditions include:

Full-Time Enrollment:

Awardees must maintain full-time enrollment, with a minimum of 40 credit points each semester.

Tuition Fees:

Awardees must pay the remaining balance of their tuition fees on or before the start of each semester. The tuition fee scholarship will be directly credited to the student’s account within two weeks after the census date each semester.

Academic Progress:

Awardees must maintain satisfactory academic progress each semester, achieving a minimum GPA of 5.3 and avoiding any failing grades in their subjects.

Non-Transferrable Scholarship:

The scholarship cannot be transferred for cash, refunded, or assigned to another person, course, or year.

International Fee-Paying Students:

Awardees must be paying international fees, not domestic fees.

Approval for Withdrawal or Leave of Absence:

Awardees must seek prior approval from the Office of International Services before withdrawing from units or taking a leave of absence from their course of study.

Compliance with University By-laws:

Awardees must abide by the Student of the University By-laws (PDF 9KB).

Visa Status:

Awardees must promptly inform the International Office via email ( of any changes in their visa status, as failure to do so may result in the termination of the scholarship.

Application Process:

How to Apply for Charles Darwin University Scholarships

To apply for the Charles Darwin University Scholarships, follow these steps:

  1. Scholarship Selection: Choose the scholarship that aligns with your academic goals and aspirations.
  2. Application Form: Download the application form specific to your chosen scholarship.
  3. Admission Application: Submit the application form along with your application for admission to a degree program at Charles Darwin University.

Additional Resources: Crafting an Impressive Academic CV for Scholarship Applications

To enhance your scholarship application, it is crucial to create an impressive academic CV. This document showcases your academic achievements, research experience, and other relevant qualifications. For guidance on how to create a compelling academic CV, including a template, refer to the provided resource.

For further information on the Charles Darwin University Scholarships 2023, visit the official website. Here, you can access comprehensive details about the scholarships, application procedures, and other relevant resources that will assist you in your scholarship journey.

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Charles Darwin University Scholarships – Empowering Students to Excel

Charles Darwin University Scholarships 2023 present an exceptional opportunity for students to pursue their academic dreams with substantial financial support. CDU’s commitment to social justice, sustainability, and creativity is evident in these scholarships, which aim to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to excel in their chosen fields of study. By providing prestigious scholarships across various academic levels and disciplines, CDU paves the way for students to make a positive impact on the world. Seize this chance to transform your future and contribute to a better tomorrow by applying for the Charles Darwin University Scholarships today.


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